Speed Reading



Brain Accelerator Club 73

Chartered Accountant

                    Achieved 1000+ wpm                         Completing 3 books per week


Achieved 1400+
Completed 5 books in last 4 weeks, cam memorize 200 digits within 3 min

Mayank J Kanabar
Group Product Manager

Achieved 1150+ WPM
Completed 6 books in 1 month, feeling very fresh, and energetic from the inside


Achieved 1500+ WPM
Completed 6 books in 21 days challenge, Got addicted to reading early morning and in the evening after office

Brain Accelerator Club 72

Anil Kumar Damara
Strategy Leader

Achieved 1800 WPM
Completing 2 books every week, completed 12 books since July 21st

Brain Accelerator Club 71

Suni Bose

Achieved 1285+wpm
I can read one book in two days, improved my  Focus, and have good control of my subvocalize

Shakeel Ahmad
Operation Manager ( Oil & Gas)

Achieved 1200+ WPM
Completed 12 books, and got into a habit of waking up early morning habits, can recall over 100 data quickly 

Brain Accelerator Club 70

Sumithra Juthuka
Banking Professional

Achieved 1500 WPM
I can complete 2 books in a week, using the memory palace method as and when required

Brain Accelerator Club 69

Naveen Sharma
OHSE Professional, VP in State Govt, Enterprise

Achieved 1200+ wpm
Completed 7 Books in last 1 month

Brain Accelerator Club 68

       Sandhya L Rao
Retired Engineer

Achieved 1000+ wpm
Reading 1 book in a week

A Thyagraj
Media Professional 

     Achieved 1000+ wpm                         Completed 8 Books mix of Non-Fiction and Fiction Books in the last 6 weeks

Brain Accelerator Club 67

Swarnlata Dakua, Pharma Product Development Expert

Achieved 2000+ wpm

Complete 2 books/week with 80% Comprehension

       Shyam Sundar
      Field Manager 

Achieved 1100+ wpm
Completed 10 books in 2 months

Chayan Bhattacherjee Mathematician, Business Consultant

Achieved 1024+ wpm
Early raiser, Reading Consistently 

Brain Accelerator Club 66

Attish Kalwankar
 Nutrition Advisor 

Achieved 1000+ wpm

Vinitha Mahesh

Achieved 1200+ wpm, Reading 1 book a week, Waking up at 4.30 am every day

Rajneesh Kumar Yadav
Chief Manager State Bank of India

Achieved 1500+ wpm
Completed 20 books in 5 months

Certified Nutritionist 

                    Achieved 1300+ wpm                         Completed 10 books in last 2 months

Sunil Kumar Jethwani

     Achieved 1000+ wpm                         Completed 10 books in 2 months

Brain Accelerator Club 65

Sunil B
Senior Manager - IT

Achieved 1000+ wpm
Completed 8 Books in 1 month

Prof Jagadeesh K M
Holistic Coach

Achieved 1500+ wpm
Completed 25 books in 3 months

Brain Accelerator Club 64

Srinivasa Rao Pallapolu
IT professional 

Achieved 1000+ wpm

Brain Accelerator Club 62

Rudramuni Hublimath
Software Engineer 

Achieved 1600+ wpm
Completed  25+ books in 3 last month

Brain Accelerator Club 41

Gunjika Vishwanath Misra
Lead - Research, Monitoring, Learning & Evaluation

Achieved 2500+ wpm
Completed 45 Technical Books and 50 Non-Technical Books

Brain Accelerator Club 40

Dr. Suhaas Paballkar
 Healing Patients

Achieved 1125+ wpm

Vijayaraj K
Government employee

Achieved 1200+ wpm
Completed 20 books in 4 months

Brain Accelerator Club 39

Srinivasa Reddy Atluri

                       Achieved 1100+ wpm                         Completed 18 books in 4 months

Vamsee G
IT Professional

                          Achieved 2000+ wpm                        Completed 25 books in the last 4 months, Can recall 100 data

Kamaruddin Ahmed

Achieved 1560+ wpm
Completed 24 books


Brain Accelerator Club 38

     Gururaja Basavaraj
Tech Architect in IT

Achieved 1500+ wpm

Manjunath M J
Financial Advisor & Graphic Designer

                     Achieved 1150+ wpm                    Completed 5 Books in last 2 Months

Brain Accelerator Club 34

Subhranil Bhowmik
Head Of Automation - India (MNC)

Achieved 1500+ wpm
Completed 10 books within 3 months


Achieved 1100+ wpm
Completed 22 books in last 5 Months

  Sumeshwar Kashyap
Software Engineer

                    Achieved 1000+ wpm                          Finishing 2-3 books per week 

Brain Accelerator Club 33

Maddu Srinivasa Rao

Achieved 1100+ wpm

Brain Accelerator Club 31

    Abhay Kumar
Sr. Data Scientist

Achieved 1300+ wpm
Completed 23 books in 6 months

Brain Accelerator Club 29

Catherine Jancy Rani S

Achieved 1100+ wpm
Completed 20 books in 5 months

Brain Accelerator Club 23

Santosh Anand
Sr. Manager

Achieved 1600+ wpm
Completed 40 books

Brain Accelerator Club 13

   Ayyappa R
Taekwondo Instructor

Achieved 1000+ wpm
Completed 41 books in 9 months

Brain Accelerator Club 3

Dr Muthu Prabha P
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Achieved 2000 wpm
Read one book in a day, written a book on mindfulness

       K Jayakumar
      Consultant & Project Head

Achieved 1450+ wpm
Completed 65 books in a month

Brain Accelerator Club 2


Achieved 1000+ wpm
Made a habit of reading in the morning

Brain Accelerator Club 1

Math teacher, Founder of Foundation Maths Hub

Achieved 1000+ wpm
Successfully completed 83 books in 1 year (2021)

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