Speed Reading


Gunjika Vishwanath Misra
Lead – Research, Monitoring,
Learning & Evaluation

Achieved 2500+ wpm
Completed 45 Technical Books
and 50 Non-Technical Books

Dr Muthu Prabha P
Professor of Obstetrics and

Achieved 2000 wpm
Read one book in a day, written
a book on mindfulness

Vamsee G
IT Professional

Achieved 2000+ wpm
Completed 25 books in the last
4 months, Can recall 100 data

Swarnlata Dakua, Pharma
Product Development Expert

Achieved 2000+ wpm, Completed 2
books/week with 80% Comprehension

Sai Raghavi Sampath
Physiotherapy Student

Achieved 1500+ wpm
Completed reading 15 books in last 3 months

Jyotika Nagdev
Run a holistic center

Achieved 2040 wpm
Concentration and focus have increased
Become more disciplined and formed many good habits like reading one book a week

Anil Kumar Damara
Strategy Leader

Achieved 1800 WPM
Completing 2 books every week,
completed 12 books since July 21st

Rudramuni Hublimath
Software Engineer

Achieved 1600+ wpm
Completed 25+ books in 3 last month

Santosh Anand
Sr. Manager

Achieved 1600+ wpm
Completed 40 books

Kamaruddin Ahmed

Achieved 1560+ wpm
Completed 24 books


Achieved 1500+ WPM
Completed 6 books in 21 days challenge,
Got addicted to reading early morning and in
the evening after office

Rajneesh Kumar Yadav
Chief Manager State Bank of India

Achieved 1500+ wpm
Completed 20 books in 5 months

Gururaja Basavaraj
Tech Architect in IT

Achieved 1500+ wpm

Subhranil Bhowmik
Head Of Automation – India (MNC)

Achieved 1500+ wpm
Completed 10 books within 3 months

Sumithra Juthuka
Banking Professional

Achieved 1500 WPM
I can complete 2 books in a week, using
the memory palace method as and when required

Rajeshkumar K
Software Engineer – Tech Lead

Achieved 1900 wpm
Won Tamilnadu 1st Memory Championship Award in 2023, can recall more than 200 data quickly, completed the reading of 100 books

Sumesh D
Tax Consultant

Achieved 1500+ wpm
Successfully Completed 48 books in the last 1 year and can recall 100 data quickly by using various memory techniques

Software Professional

Achieved 1500+ WPM
Got into the reading habit &
completed 15+ books in the last 3 months

Dr V Sugunakar
Associate Professor and Senior Research Scientist

Achieved 1800+ wpm
Successfully completed 10 books in the last 2 months. Got into Great Morning Rituals

K Jayakumar
Consultant & Project Head

Achieved 1450+ wpm
Completed 65 books in a month


Achieved 1400+
Completed 5 books in last 4 weeks,
cam memorize 200 digits within 3 min

Certified Nutritionist

Achieved 1300+ wpm
Completed 10 books in last 2 months

Abhay Kumar
Sr. Data Scientist

Achieved 1300+ wpm
Completed 23 books in 6 months

Suni Bose

Achieved 1285+wpm
I can read one book in two days,
improved my Focus, and have good
control of my subvocalize

Sunil B
Senior Manager – IT

Achieved 1000+ wpm
Completed 8 Books in 1 month

Naveen Sharma
OHSE Professional,
VP in State Govt, Enterprise

Achieved 1200+ wpm
Completed 7 Books in last 1 month

Vijayaraj K
Government employee

Achieved 1200+ wpm
Completed 20 books in 4 months

Vinitha Mahesh

Achieved 1200+ wpm, Reading 1 book
a week, Waking up at 4.30 am every day

Shakeel Ahmad
Operation Manager ( Oil & Gas)

Achieved 1200+ WPM
Completed 12 books, and got into a habit
of waking up early morning habits,
can recall over 100 data quickly

Manjunath M J
Financial Advisor &
Graphic Designer

Achieved 1150+ wpm
Completed 5 Books in last 2 Months

Mayank J Kanabar
Group Product Manager

Achieved 1150+ WPM
Completed 6 books in 1 month, feeling very
fresh, and energetic from the inside

Dr. Suhaas Paballkar
Healing Patients

Achieved 1125+ wpm

Shyam Sundar
Field Manager

Achieved 1100+ wpm
Completed 10 books in 2 months

Srinivasa Reddy Atluri

Achieved 1100+ wpm
Completed 18 books in 4 months


Achieved 1100+ wpm
Completed 22 books in last 5 Months

Maddu Srinivasa Rao

Achieved 1100+ wpm

Catherine Jancy Rani S

Achieved 1100+ wpm
Completed 20 books in 5 months

Chayan Bhattacherjee
Mathematician, Business Consultant

Achieved 1024+ wpm
Early raiser, Reading Consistently

Chartered Accountant

Achieved 1000+ wpm
Completing 3 books per week

Attish Kalwankar

Nutrition Advisor
Achieved 1000+ wpm

Sunil Kumar Jethwani

Achieved 1000+ wpm
Completed 10 books in 2 months

Sandhya L Rao
Retired Engineer

Achieved 1000+ wpm
Reading 1 book in a week

A Thyagraj
Media Professional

Achieved 1000+ wpm Completed
8 Books mix of Non-Fiction and
Fiction Books in the last 6 weeks

Attish Kalwankar

Nutrition Advisor
Achieved 1000+ wpm

Sunil Kumar Jethwani

Achieved 1000+ wpm
Completed 10 books in 2 months

Srinivasa Rao Pallapolu
IT professional

Achieved 1000+ wpm

Sampath Parthasarathy
Professional from
Manufacturing Industry

Achieved 1300 wpm
Completed reading 30 books
in last 8 months

Selva Mathan
VP Operations. Apparel Manufacturing

Achieved 1250 wpm
Developed Good habits, Improved leadership skills, Improved memory power.

Namrata Sachan
Head Operations and Key Account Management

Achieved 1000 wpm
Developed morning reading habits and have read 30 books since she joined BAC.

Math teacher, Founder
of Foundation Maths Hub

Achieved 1000+ wpm
Successfully completed
83 books in 1 year (2021)


Achieved 1000+ wpm
Made a habit of reading in the morning

Ayyappa R
Taekwondo Instructor

Achieved 1000+ wpm
Completed 41 books in 9 months

Sumeshwar Kashyap
Software Engineer

Achieved 1000+ wpm
Finishing 2-3 books per week

Sumana Mitra

Achieved 1025 wpm
Successfully completed 8 Books in 2 Months

Varsha KT
Chartered Accountant

Achieved 1250 wpm
Successfully completed 25 books in last 4 months, Waking up at 5 am every day

JK Arora
International Logistics Customs

Achieved 1280 wpm
Completed 4 books in a week

Abhinav Dubey
Government Teacher

Achieved 1200+wpm with 80% Comprehension
Waking up at 5:30 am to read & for 360-degree self-development

Sheshathwam Shirisha

Achieved 1468+ wpm
Completed 30+ books in the last 5 months. Presently I am attracting opportunities and leading a happy life.

Appaji Venkatarayal
IT Professional

Achieved 1030 wpm
I am building a new habit of reading books and can remember what I read

Asis De

Achieved 1100 wpm
Got into the great morning habits, Now able to read one book in one sitting,
Learned the Mind Map technique through which the content of the book could be remembered easily.

Debadatta Padhy
PSU employee

Achieved 1468+ wpm
Successfully completed 4 books in last month, waking up at 5 am and can now easily remember the mobile numbers

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